Teeny Tiny Hiney Review **Baby Shower Event**


I met Amber owner of Teeny tiny Hiney about 2 years ago. At the time I didn’t have my blog and she wasn’t making cloth diapers. I’ve watched her and her business grow. She is a amazing mom that wants nothing but the best for her kids and want to pass that on to you and your family!  Everything that Amber makes she makes with love. Being a WAHM is so hard ( I should know!) But she does it in stride.

I love her diapers because they are made so well. I never have any issue with leaking. She adds the extra buttons so that your able to adjust the size to fit your baby just right. I love how thin the diapers are as well. One of the down sides to cloth is how bulky they can be. This can be extra harmful to small babies who can keep their legs together. She has so many different colors for both girls and boys!

Everything she makes is top quality. The soakers that come with the diapers do everything they should and pull the wetness away from my babies bum quickly. It’s WAHM’s like Amber that made me choose cloth to begin with. I wanted to support them as well as save money myself. This is a great way to go green, help save the planet, save money, and support your WAHM’s. I don’t see a down side here!

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Teeny Tiny Hiney is a sponsor of out baby event!


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