Sesame Street Can’t Stop Singing!


Sunny Day
Sweepin’ the clouds away
On my way to where the air is sweet!!!


Me: What Bubba?

Bubba: We’re going to SESAME STREET!!!

What a way to start a weekend! We got up early and got all the kids ready. Between Mia screaming for us to put her boots on and Bubba not listening to anyone, I was surprised to get out of the house on time. Bug was asleep in his swing, so that must have been the only reason things worked out so well. Packed into the car, and a quick stop for coffee and we were on our way.

Parking was pretty easy and close by. Once we got up to the will call we had our tickets and in we went. They had the booths with all the toys that cost a pretty penny right out front, soon as you walked in. But there was so much going on that it was easy to distract the kiddos and walk right by to our seats. Once there we waited for the show to start. One by one all our favorite characters came out. Bubba was so happy and made the best faces when he recognized one of his favorite characters from Sesame Street. As with many kids his age Elmo is his favorite. Mia was so mesmerized by popcorn and dancing that she sat on daddy’s lap and started to sing along. Well, as much as a 23 month old does. I was really worried that she wouldn’t sit still for the show. But she did amazing! I think most of that has to do with what a good show it was.

Even as adults my husband and I had a blast. The songs were sung to the tunes of songs that we knew. I think “It’s raining cookies” sang to the tune of “It’s raining men” was the best. My hubby and I were laughing and clapping with the kids. It’s so great as a parent to watch the wonder of a show like this on your child’s face. Every time Bubba or Mia got excited and clapped or yelled back at a character I couldn’t help but have the biggest smile on my face.

Even with all the hectic rush of trying to get three young kids ready to leave the house, I am so glad we went. If you’re wondering if it’s worth it…IT SO IS!!! You still have time for shows tomorrow. If you’re not in Washington State, Sesame Street may be coming to a town near you! Click here to check out where they will be next.


When Elmo gets his furry fingers on Abby Cadabby’s magic wand, there’s something in the air – and Sesame Street becomes a nonstop, all-singing, all-dancing musical montage! Grover and Baby Bear sing their highs and lows, Cookie Monster sings fast and slow, Bert and Ernie converse in song and Murray makes mouth music for all to sing along! Learn why it feels good to sing a song, but why it feels good to stop, too! What will Elmo learn about the power of musical magic? Join the conga line of fun to find out!


LOOK! We must be on the right path!!!


Before the show started. The stage looked amazing.


I thought I forgot the Gold Fish in my car. So I got popcorn for the kids. Later I found the fish in my purse. Silly mama!


Bug Woke up long enough to watch the first half of the show. He was even “talking” back. He really enjoyed it.


Mia LOVES her popcorn. Make sure you keep your fingers away from her mouth!!


The kid in me just loved it when all the characters were on stage. I couldn’t help but be a bit excited.




Ohhh ohhh and Oscar!!

All in all it was a great show with an intermission in between. Not because it was that long but because they know children. It gave everyone a chance for potty breaks and food breaks. I so hope I’m invited to do something like this again. Now when someone asks me ” Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame street” I can tell them!!

Can’t stop singing, Can’t stop singing, can’t stop singing!!


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  1. How fun! I wish I would have been able to do more of that kind of thing when my son was little. For what it is worth, make all the memories you possible can while they are young. Looks like everyone had a great time!

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