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Lately it seems that everyone wants that vintage chic look. Honestly I don’t know of an easier way to get that look then to use Milk Paint. Using it is very easy and it gives you that vintage look you want for any project. Milk Paint is an amazing way to  get the look you want.

I found an adorable vintage child’s rocking chair near the dumpster a year or so ago. Yes I’ll admit, I’m not above dumpster picking. I won’t go looking for it. But if its sitting to the side of it, heck yes I’ll grab it. One man’s garbage and all that.

befoeI’ve been moving this chair all over the house since I got it from the dumpster area. It needed to be fixed badly because it kept falling apart, probably the reason it was at the dumpster. Only being held together by the original nails and some had rusted and broken in half. I wasn’t concerned with restoring it, If I was I wouldn’t have considered glue. But I just wanted it to be stable enough for the kids to use, so I went with both glue and nails.

Once I got the chair in working order I wanted to do something fun with it. I wanted to keep that antique look, but also wanted it to be a bit more fun to match my eclectic style. Honesty with 5 kids, you kinda have to have an eclectic style to survive.

I got some sample Milk paint samples from The real Milk Paint Co. it was just enough to do this little project. I liked that the paint was a powder and came to life with just a little bit of water. Note: When mixing these paints use a fork or a whisk. The spoon I started with was just not cutting it as the powder just sat on top of the water and refused to mix.

I looked EVERYWHERE in my house for the sand paper that I just knew I had put somewhere. I wanted to prep the chair. But since I couldn’t find it, I just moved forward with the project. I mixed all the paints in small ramekins and went out doors to pain the chair.  I was really surprised at how bright the Milk Paint was. They all had deep beautiful colors. As I was painting I noticed the colors went on pretty smooth except the yellow, but I think that was my fault in the mixing stage. I did do a couple of coats to try and cover the original stain. I was really happy at how well the Milk Paint covered the chair even without extra sanding first.

Once it was done I said to my husband that clearly paining is not one of Aftermy strong point. But he thought that it gave it more of a rustic look. As the paint dried it lost the glossy look of wet paint and started to get that milky look that we all know and love.When cleaning up make sure to wash everything right away. For some reason I got in my head since I just added water that this paint would wash like water colors. But don’t let the water fool you. This is real paint and once dried isn’t the easiest to get off.

I really love the way it turned out and can’t wait to find a place in the house for it. I haven’t decided if I will get some sand paper and distress it or not. Giving it a little more of a vintage rustic look. What would you do? Would you leave it be or distress it a bit?


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