NutriSystem Week #1 #NSNation

Week One on the nutrisystem has come and gone. I gotta tell ya, it was a hard week for me. Lets start at the beginning.  I can’t tell you how excited I was to get my food from Nutrisystem! As many of you know I’ve been backing on the weight since having my daughter. Although I’ve always been overweight, I am not the heaviest I’ve ever been. I’m ready for a change.

When the first shipment came I had so much fun going through the food! Your going to want to make sure you have room for it all! That’s 18 days of dry food and 10 days of frozen fresh. Well….ummm…I didn’t have the room for the frozen fresh!! I was able to get it all in, but nothing else and when I opened my fridge and shut the door the freezer would pop open and everything would fall out! OH THE FRUSTRATION! I had to walk away and have my husband try lol So, hubby and I decided that since we had talked about it in the past, we would just buy a little floor freezer.  Lowels had a really good price and free shipping, and the guys who brought it set it up for me too! It was perfect. Now I have room for everything and then some.

Once we got all that under control I started my journey. From the first muffin I could tell I wasn’t eating the foods I loved so much any more.  The food isnt BAD, but it does lack a bit of flavor. I expected that though, it is diet food after all.  I found that the protein shakes were pretty good. I love the coffee one the best. A couple of things come to mind when I think about the food I did like. The Beans and ham soup was really good! I also like the lunch hot pocket type things. I’ve had a couple of those. So far my all time FAVORITE was the peppermint chocolate cookie crunch. Think peppermint patty:)

So I was doing pretty well, I mean the food is eatable. I knew I would have to give up the foods I loved to get this weight off. But then came mothers day weekend. My husband and I went and saw The Avengers. I got a small popcorn (shouldnt have gotten that at all) and a small diet soda. My hubby and I hadn’t been out together just the two of us since I was 7 months pregnant with my now 11 month old daughter. So I was going to splurge a bit. Then we went off for a BBQ at the in-laws and I couldn’t NOT eat. I would have felt bad. I know excuses, excuses. Then Sunday was mothers day. I ate some sushi and a salad that I shouldn’t have.

By Monday though I was back on track! I’ve been doing really well. Even if it means eating a WHOLE can of veggies with dinner (Veggies are unlimited) . I’ve been doing everything I can to eat like I should. Even with the cheating I’ve lose 3.7 pounds!!! WHAT!!! Yup:) My goal is to lose 40 pounds by the time I’m done…that means I need to lose 10 pounds a month. It’s do-able but only if I buckle down and stick with it.



Week #1 loss: 3.7 pounds

Total loss to date: 3.7 pounds


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