Nuby no-spill Dual-Flo Replacement Valves


Replacement dual-flo™ Valves

9+ MonthsBPA Free

The No-Spill™ dual-flo™ replacement valves can be easily inserted in the cap. The valve system is engineered for a slow (turtle side) or fast (rabbit side) flow, depending on what your child is ready for. Jut decide on the flow better suited for your child, and before securing the lid on the cup make sure the appropriate one is set. Liquids pass through the spout only when your child sips!

One of the worst things about tippy cups are the little tiny bits that are hard to clean. I , like many moms let my toddler walk around with their tippy cups. The only real issue with this is the liquid sits in the cut for a while. I normally just give them juice or water to walk around with but there comes a time when the valves just get gross and you toss the whole cup. I mean there isnt really any way to clean those nasty little valves once they get to a certain point.

It’s so frustrating. You buy these great tippy cups. The no spill kind. No more messes and your little one feels like a big kid with their new cup. It’s their very own and they want to show everyone. They carry it around everywhere and it’s their favorite. But then the day comes that you have to throw it out. How do you explain it to your little one? If your lucky you can go out and find one that is exactly the same to replace it. But that gets expensive.

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You can see the difference in the valves

Nuby has heard you! They know that it is wasteful to throw out a entire tippy because of one small piece. Did you know they sell those small replacement valves? Well now you do! YAY! I honestly didn’t know about it, but I am so glad that I do now.

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