Glass Straws for the Environment from Glass Dharma

Glass Dharma

Glass Dharma

With the weather getting warmer and the BBQ getting hotter, there will be a lot of beverages being consumed. It’s just kind of something that goes hand in hand. Good weather = Good food and drink. Glass Dharma wants to add a little flare to those summer drinks while saving the environment at the same time. Their glass straws are not only beautiful but because the straws are reusable you save money.

I go through so many straws with the kids. They seem to need a straw for everything they drink. For some reason glass straws never crossed my mind. We have tried the re-usable plastic ones but they never lasted long. Mostly because if you don’t wash them fast enough they end up molding on the inside. Once the mold sets in there really isn’t anything you can do about it but throw them out. The nice thing about the glass straws from Glass Dharma is each straw comes with a cleaner that helps keep these clean. Glass Dharma straws can also be soaked in warm soapy water to help get them clean.

Glass Dharma

Glass Dharma

I was a bit concerned about glass straws and children. Glass anything and kids normally doesn’t mix. But these straws are pretty darn sturdy. I wouldn’t give them the straws to sword fight with, but to sit down and drink with they are fine. My kids have dropped them a couple times and the straw didn’t shatter into a million pieces. If your straw does break Glass Dharma will try to fix the one that was broken or they will replace it with their Hassle-Free Lifetime Guarantee Against Breakage

The adult in me loves the bigger straws for my morning smoothies. They really allow for the chunky fruit bits to come threw the straw instead of having to eat them at the end. These straws would also be great for margaritas or other adult frozen treats. If your trying to add a little class to an event these straws really add a look and style that you wouldn’t get from a disposable plastic straw.



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