Flat Iron Experts-Hot rollers- Review (Holiday Guide)

I have long frizzy hair. In fact my nick name in high school was fuzzy. I still have a couple friends that call me that!! So when I got a bit older and discovered hair products I was so happy. I could tame my crazy hair! Hot rollers are a fun and easy way to do that. Just put in a but of hair spray roll up your hair and let the rollers do all the work! Easy as can be.

I thought it would be easier to show you all how nice this set is by using my daughter as a model. She loves when I take the time to do her hair. Plus i’m much better at taking photos then she is 🙂


One thing I noticed right off with this set was how many rollers there were. I have a smaller set at home and with my hair being so long I find that I run out of rollers pretty fast. Its a bummer when you have to try and put too much hair in one roller. Either it wont work, or it wont work well.  Another thing that I love is that it comes with a bag to hold all the clips. Being able to keep 30 clips together in one place is amazing. If you’ve ever had a set of rollers, you know that a bag for the clips is a must. Lastly, I love how the rollers stand up. It makes grabbing for a new roller very easy. It also takes up less counter space when it is set up like that. The rollers heat up really fast. They don’t get so hot that you can’t handle them though.

My daughter has very straight hair. I’m sure this is the reason she loves me to take the time to do her hair for her. She often wishes her hair was curly, much as I wished my hair was straight. The grass is always greener right?  She sat like a champ for me to put the curlers in. She was happy that she didn’t have to sleep in them. Ive been known to put her hair up went and have her sleep in them 🙂

It took about 45 mins to put her hair up. Most of that though was just that I don’t do it very often. I love my hair when I am able to take the frizz away and get a nice soft curl to it. I just dont like taking the time to do it unless Im going out and about.

She kinda has a 70’s thing doing, even more so when I brushed it out lol. But she loved it and thats all that matters. I didn’t spray her hair with anything either. I’m sure this would have helped with the curls. They really did a good job and I cant wait to have a moment to myself to put my hair up too. Maybe after the baby is born lol

If your looking for a great Christmas gift for the lady in your life try looking at Flat iron Experts.com. They have a great selection of products. From Flat Irons to blow dryers, to hot rollers. Also all the sprays and other hair care products you need!!


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