Creating Movie Memories with Disney

When I was a child there were about 3 drive in movie theaters in my area. But as time went on and things changed those drive-ins went out of business. It’s sad really because there really is nothing better then cuddling together under the star on a blanket waiting with excitement for the movie to start. It’s something that I was sad my own children would miss out on. With a little help of pixie dust I was able to create movie memories with Disney.

Lucky for my, and my children, Disney offered me an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. A chance to give my children the chance to experience the joy and bewilderment you get when the movie flashes onto the screen and that surround sound makes the ground beneath you rumble with base.  They would provide me with a projector and a amp for sound. I would have the important things but the rest was up to me.

My family and I live in a two story apartment. So there isn’t much room for a outdoor set up. But I couldn’t let that stop me, I had to figure something out. Since we live on the second story and there’s a nice grass hill right in front of our place I thought it would make a perfect spot for our “movie theater”. All I needed to figure out was the screen, snacks, and invites. Once I let my kids know what that plan was they were very excited. I would recommend not telling the kids until a couple days before movie night, otherwise you might not hear the end of it. I was so glad I only had a couple days of “is it movie night yet?!”

Creating Movie Memories Disney

The gear needed for set up

The Projector and Sound


Since Disney was taking care of this part of the night I didn’t have to worry about what one to get or purchase. The projector is an amazing little device. Although the most expensive thing on the movie night list, you have many choices to choose from. You’re bound to find something that fits in your budget. Keep in mind that this projector isn’t just for movies. You can connect your gaming consoles to it or your phone, making this a purchase that truly has many uses. Most projectors have a speaker built in but this isn’t going to be enough for a back yard viewing party. This is were my amp comes in. This one is pretty amazing as it has Bluetooth capabilities and radio. The sound quality was amazing and really helped make the movie experience.

The Screen

Creating Movie Memories Disney

The screen

With such a large family I needed to figure out a way to do movie night on a budget. One of the main things you need to worry about is the screen. Because I live in an apartment I really needed to make sure the screen was something that one, didn’t cost much and two, didn’t take up a lot of room. I decided on king size white sheets king size white sheets, figuring I could hang them from my porch down to the ground and get a nice big screen.

I went to Amazon and was able to find decent sheets for just $13 each. After reading up on other back yard theaters I decided to buy two of them to make sure that the screen was nice and white and there wouldn’t be any shine through. I then picked up some twine twine and small clips. I wanted to keep in mind that this would only be a temporary set up and I wanted the set up and tear down to be very easy and quick. The whole set up cost me about $40.00. Don’t forget the extension cord and power strips.

The Snacks

Creating Movie Memories Disney


Because I knew my kids would want something to snack on and I didn’t want to be that mom who didn’t bring enough for everyone, I knew I would more then likely spend a pretty penny on movie night snacks. Remembering that I needed to keep costs down I headed to the dollar store. The dollar store is a great place for getting a lot of things for not a lot of money. I knew that they had all kinds of candies there as well as movie theater style boxed candy.

They also sell all kinds of containers and in all sizes. I picked up these adorable little plastic boats that were perfect sizes for the kid’s popcorn and a little bit of candy. Even though this was a treat for the kids, the movie was late and I didn’t want them hopped up on candy right before bed. I filled each boat with popcorn and candy and was able to make 8 of them. Enough for my kids and the neighbor kids who came to our movie night. Everyone loved their own little snack boat and it made the kids feel special.

The Invites

The invites were the easiest part of the whole night. All I had to do was give the kids paper and pens. I let them know the time and movie and they were off and running. They drew up the invites and then went to their friends house and gave them out. My kid were pretty excited to be hosting their own “Under the Stars Movie Night”.

Other than our night being a bit chilly the event was a success. We had about 5 other children show up to watch the movie with us. I was amazing being able to sit with my younger children while they got to watch Bambi for the first time on the “Big Screen”. We decided we are going to try and do movie nights as often as possible over the summer. My kids love being the house everyone wants to come visit. Plus, the family bonding time watching a  Disney movie together gives us is priceless.






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