Do It Yourself projects

Creating Movie Memories with Disney

When I was a child there were about 3 drive in movie theaters in my area. But as time went on and things changed those drive-ins went out of business. It’s sad really because there really is nothing better then cuddling together under the star on a blanket waiting with excitement for the movie to […]

Real Milk Paint for Real Projects

Lately it seems that everyone wants that vintage chic look. Honestly I don’t know of an easier way to get that look then to use Milk Paint. Using it is very easy and it gives you that vintage look you want for any project. Milk Paint is an amazing way to  get the look you want. I […]

Voltron Cupcakes

VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER premieres exclusively on Netflix June 10th!! In continuing celebration, here’s a new clip for you as well as a REALLY brilliant DIY cupcake activity!! So excited for this show :)!

Home Made Halloween costumes ~Doctor Who~

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There is something to be said about making your kids Halloween costumes. I know it’s time consuming, but the feeling you get from a job well done is amazing. This year I decided to make my kids costumes. Many times I thought that I had bitten off more then I could chew and nearly gave […]

Dried Apple Witches ~ Halloween Craft

  I posted this last year but wanted to bring it back for this year! Enjoy! Supplies Needed: Apple (the smaller the better) Knife Rice Toothpicks Wooden dowel Something for hair A bit of fabric   So I remember making these when I was really young. I used to go to the Boy’s and Girl’s […]

Vote For Me ~Top Mommy Blogger~

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your almost there! Just click the picture below to vote! It won’t tell you that you’ve voted but as long as you are taken to the top mommy blogger site you’ve voted!! I would love to get to the top 10! After nearly 2 years of blogging I figured I would […]

Homemade Rainbow Bread

Ever get tired of the same old same old? I’ve got something fun for you. Rainbow bread. It’s just normal bread, but pretty! And who doesn’t love fresh homemade bread? My kids and husband love it. Even without the dye it looks amazing. I am so proud of myself and love when I get a […]