I had Gastric Bypass, So what?

Five days ago I was sitting in a hospital bed getting ready to have surgery at the University of Washington. One of the leading teaching schools in the country. I was excited, scared and just full of emotion. I’ve been on this journey for so long now that I couldn’t believe I was finally at […]

Summer Fun Essentials

Summer is upon us. That means long summer days with the kids whining about how bored they are. With all 5 kiddos home for the summer I really need to have a lot of things put away for when I start to see their eyes rolling with boredom. Even when we go away for the […]


I love Kevin Smith and just about everything he does. This one looks like it’s going to be super fun! With lines like ” I wasn’t even supposed to be here today!” to make the older fans happy and a fun teen story line, everyone should like it! I showed my 14yo daughter and she […]