Baby Shower Event

baby event 3

Being a new mom is one of the most wonderful things in the world! But it can also be VERY stressful. There isn’t a book or all knowing person who can tell you what is right and what isn’t when it comes to raising a baby. You will get all kinds of unsolicited advice about how to feed, cloth, and even play with your new bundle of joy. You’ll learn really fast how to just smile and nod and say thank you. One of the perks of a new baby is the baby shower! You get all kinds of fun things for the baby. That leads me back to all the extra stress. What do you ask for? What should be on your registry? Well I don’t have ALL the answers but some wonderful bloggers and I would like to help you out the best we can by bringing you some of the great products out there!

Our wonderful sponsors!

 Daddy Scrubs: Hoodie

Boba Wrap: Boba Wrap

Carseat Canopy: The whole caboodle

Baby Ota: Baby Ota

Baby Keba: Cute little turtal outfit 100% organic

Itzbeen: 2 itzbeen pocket nannys

Rocking green: full size product winner’s choice of scent/formula

Glowbug Diapers: Diaper print of winners choice

 Smart Mom Jewelry: Teething Bling

Baby Anti Monkey Butt: Paste and Powder

Baby Cargo: Series 100 stroller

 Planet Wise: Wet bag , winners choice of print

Bebe Au Lait: Hooded baby towel

Bee Baubles Jewelry: Baby cuff

Teeny Tiny Hiney: Home made cloth diaper

Halo Sleep Sack: HALO SleepSack Swaddle

Tiny Love: My Nature Pals Mobile

Yoomi: Self Warming Bottle

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear: Your choice of animals

Nursing Bra Express: Nursing Bra

 Babytime by Episencial: Cheeky Salve

Baby Jack Blankets:  FREE CUSTOM 14×18 satin & minky dot ribbon TAB lovey customizing your own blanket + embroidery

Each sponsor will have their own winner, so there are many chances to win some amazing prizes!   It’s easy to enter just fill out the form below. ( Starting January 15th)

Good Luck to all!!