Airfryers: The Next Big Thing in Healthy Eating

I grew up cooking with cast iron skillets. Its how I was taught to cook. Anything fried was done in the cast iron. I’m a die hard when it comes to frying with Crisco in my pans. They heat evenly and make for the best tasting fried food. The only issue I have with frying in the cast iron is it takes forever and I never quite got the hang of frying in the pan without making a huge mess to clean up after.
Recently I had weight loss surgery. This meant no more fried foods for me. I love the taste and crunch but my body isn’t allowed the grease. Even though I knew I would miss those nights of home made french fries, I was o.k. knowing I was adapting a healthier life style. When I heard about air fryers I was pretty excited to try one. I wanted to see if I could truly get the same taste from a air fryer.
One of my first concerns was finding one that was large enough to feed my entire family. I mean I’m cooking for my husband and myself and our 5 children. I didn’t want anything that I had to make two off because the basket wasn’t large enough. I wanted something that made healthy “fried” food, but I didn’t want to double my cook time to feed everyone. This Simple Living Airfryer is amazingly large. My first meal was chicken legs. I used an amazing recipe I found online. I was able to fit 20 small legs in the basket and probably could have fit more. They came out amazingly crispy and tasted amazing. The best part no Crisco! This is a healthy I could get used to.
 I love the digital read out. It’s really easy to understand. It came wish a cook book with recipes but honestly I went straight to google. You choose the type of food you’re cooking, how long, and how hot. The air fryer cuts down on cook time as well. I was able to pull stuff out of the freezer and cook it in the airfryer. Just be sure to keep an eye on it because the cook time WILL be less then the package says. It’s kind of like cooking in a toaster oven.
The Simple Living Products 5.2L XL Digital Healthy Cooking Airfryer cleans very easily. Everything is non stick. Since there really isn’t much juices or any grease there really isn’t much to clean honestly. I love all the extra baskets for being able to cook different foods. There is even a recipe to fry a whole chicken. Since the cook time is cut in half it makes the airfryer a great option when you’re running late. Even better when you’re in mid summer and it’s 90+ outside using an air fryer means you don’t have to turn on your stove. I am looking forward to frying a chicken. That’s next on the list. If you’re trying to eat healthier this is a great option.
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