Accell’s power solutions For the Holidays

The holidays are a crazy time of electronics and lights. Between the lights on the trees and around the house and the gifts under the tree you will be on the look out off a place to plug them all in. Accell has you covered from power strips to power banks for those new electronics.

squid       One of the big things in my house that I have a real issue with is organizing the entertainment center. We have so many things from the TV to the game consoles. Its a mess back there. Trying to find a spot to plug it all in is an ongoing problem. The PowerSquid takes care of that. The PowerSquid comes in 3, 6 and 15 ft cables making it an easy fit anywhere in your home.

“Unlike a power strip, the power outlet arms can help prevent damage to a power plug of a connected device. In the case of sudden pull force on a connected device’s power cord, the flexible arms bend to the direction of the pull.To protect itself from damage, the PowerSquid will turn off if the devices plugged-in malfunction or if the total power drawn exceeds 1875 Watts.” With the bendable arms you are able to plug whatever you want into the outlet. No more moving things around to make them fit. It’s also wall mountable making it a perfect addition to any shop.

If you think you need a surge protector Accell has you covered there as well. I personally like the look for this one. surgeThe Powramid Power center and surge protectors allows you to connect up to 6 devices. This one fits perfectly on a desk or in a bedroom corner making it easy to get to. I use mine in my room where the babies sleeps, I need a place for my phone, the humidifier, the nursery cam and any number of other things I have to plug in. I love that the Poweramid has surge protection as well as fire protection. There are so many things plugged in and right next to baby that the last thing I want if for it to surge or a fire to start.


power      Now lets talk holiday’s. Loads of electronics will be purchased this holiday season from cell phones to tablets. Something that most people don’t think about until it’s too late is the power banks. Heck, I wonder how many people even really know that they are even available. Even with the new and improved electronics now days people are able to go through an entire battery charge and still need more.

Do you have a teenager? I do! She can go though he charge in just a couple hours using apps that just eat it up. The Tech Power 2-in-1 is amazing. I LOVE this one. As a blogger when I’m on trips a extra power bank is so important to make sure I capture everything. This two in one power bank is a charger and a power bank. Its sleek and easy to use. No matter what your power need it Accell has everything you need.

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