Abendblume~Voted Best Bed And Breakfast In The Northwest!


My husband bill and I have always loved bed and breakfasts. Maybe it was because they are quiet and with 4 kids it’s the only time we have peace. It might be the fact that someone else makes our bed and feeds us an amazing breakfast each morning. Whatever it is I am so glad that we found Abendblume. Bill and I have been to a few bed and breakfasts and Abendblume is by far the best one . As soon as you see this amazing house, you know you’ve made the right choice.

Abendblume is in the Bavarian Village of Leavenworth, Wa.  Leavenworth is an amazing little town cradled in the mountains of Washington State. I love visiting Leavenworth, no matter what season it is. Plus, they have the best food! The locals are amazing and friendly. It would make sense that one of my favorite towns in Washington state would house the best bed and breakfast in the Northwest.  We found Abendblume for the first time because of Leavenworth. I had been traveling though the town for years but had never stopped and just looked around. So bill set out to finding a place for us to stay and vacation in Leavenworth.  Abendblume is about a mile outside of town and you can drive into town within a matter of minutes or you could walk it if you wanted to. While still being far enough away from town that you really feel like you’re out in the country. A little farm-house in the hill sides of Germany.

Renee owns Abenblume with her husband Randy. If you ask me, she is the heart and soul of Abendblume. She really makes the magic happen. She is the hostess and cook and your best friend. She is so easy to talk to and down to earth, someone you would imagine running a bed and breakfast. You never really see Randy or the family dog “Jackson” but if you keep your eyes open you’ll see them working in the background to help give the yard and property its lush green beauty.

This was our third stay at Abendblume. That’s right our third. We get one weekend a year where we get away, just the two of us. Each year we choose to continue to visit Abendblume. This visit was just like the rest, pleasant and beautiful. Our trip started out with a hug from Renee and me in a panic. Of all the things to forget I forgot my breast pump. I have a 5 month at home. Renee was on the phone within minutes trying to track down a pump for me to buy! Who does that?? Only the best person in the world. I told you she was like your best friend.


This is Abendblume and where we spend our romantic alone time. There are so many places to just sit and take in the beauty that is Abendblume. The place is truly amazing.


On to our room. I can not tell you how in love I am with this room. We stayed in the Dornroschen room the last couple times we had been and even though I was in love with that room, I decided to try something a bit different. We went with the Tannenbaum  room. All the rooms are so different and amazing! This one was more of a mans-man room. The carpet was a red plaid and there were old skis above the fire-place. The bed was large and soft. In true European style we each got our own blanket.

We LOVED this because I’m always so warm and kick off the blankets and bill is so cold. Now we each could do what we wanted and be comfortable. Perfect for a good nights sleep. The shower was amazing as it has the main shower heads , then the little ones that came out everywhere. Walk down three stairs and you come into an amazing little sitting room. Perfect for your morning coffee. The chairs sit right in front of a large picture window overlooking the valley. It honestly doesn’t get more peaceful than that. My favorite part was the jet tub! It sits right in front of the big bay window. It’s a jet tub for two and perfect for a nice bubble bath with some wine! Careful with the bubbles and jets though!  I don’t think I’ve taken so many baths in a two-day period as I did when I visited Abendblume.

Hidden secret

We found a little hidden secret in our room that really just over flows with the charm of Abendblume. I mean you hear about the secret panel hidden for years in movies. But that kind of thing doesn’t really happen, does it? At Abenblume it does. It’s amazing to see all these couples that have stayed in this room. All the love that pours out of Abenblume is apparent in the way it is taken care of and all the little things that you wouldn’t even notice if you didn’t look closely. PicMonkey Collage

Ahhhhh breakfast! I truly look forward to the breakfasts at Abendblume. The spread is amazing! None of the over cooked, heat lap warmed grossness. This is nothing but farm fresh produce! You can taste the difference of the fresh verses store-bought or “hotel” food right away. You WANT to get out of bed and make it down stairs in time to eat. The fresh food really gets you motivated and moving in the mornings. I love how quaint everything is. It also gives you the chance to meet some pretty amazing people who are also there for a nice relaxing get away.

At night Renee puts out dessert and coffee for those that want it and wonderful iced tea in the afternoon.

Follow Abendblume on Facbook. If you get the chance go and visit Abendblume! You wont be disappointed. Voted best in the Northwest, all these people (and me) can’t be wrong!!

I had so many pictures because I wanted to show you everything, but I just couldn’t get them all in. I did want to show you a few that I took while on vacation. I love to take pictures and this is the perfect place to take them!

bee2 Bee11 sun tree



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  1. This is such a gorgeous place to visit. I have been to Leavenworth. I would love to stay here next time! It is so pretty, and I would love to go to Leavenworth in the summer!

  2. WOAH!! This place is gorgeous, like somewhere you’d see on TV. I’m in Oregon, so this would actually be feasible for me to get to – in fact, I’m leaving for a trip to Washington tomorrow afternoon!

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