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unnamed (3)The New Fall 2016 Collection from 88 Handbags is finally here! Fresh new styles and colors are now available to bring in the next season of fashion. Our Katie Medium Satchel is back in two new colors, teal and neutral. In addition to several new bag styles and colors, we are now introducing bag charms! Key rings, faux fur pom poms and foxtails are here to help you personalize any bag!


These bags are amazing! I really love all the space that they give you. It’s perfect for all my “mom” needs while still giving me a little style. I reviewed  the teal Satchel. My current purse doesn’t stand up on it’s own and is forever falling over. It becomes very annoying to have to organize everything over and over again. My Katie Medium Satchel stands on it’s own and have enough space for me and my kids to stash stuff.

Now 88 Handbags has an extended strap for plus sized ladies or for those who just like to have a longer arm strap on their purses. I really do hate having a gorgeous hand bag only to find that the arm strap is too small. Yes, its a thing.

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About 88

88 is PETA approved. No animal products used, ever! The founder of 88 is a life long vegetarian and believes that the environment would benefit from the reduction of factory farming.

88 is passionate about creating great products without having to break the bank! How do we do this? We manufacturer and sell directly to the customer, no boutique or department store markups! That cost savings is extended to you. Who doesn’t love that?

88 is a collection of various vegan leathers. The scientific names are PU (polyurethane) and PVC (polyvinylchloride) PU is better for the environment and more expensive than PVC.  88 values the environment and wants to bring the best to our customers so we only use PU.

unnamed (4)88 develops our own custom hardware, keeping in mind what is best suited for the environment. The quality is equal to that of handbags double the cost of ours. If you are hesitant, get our bag and see. If not satisfied, return it free of charge!


I will defiantly be adding my 88 to my rotation of purses and hand bags. I am looking forward to breaking it in a little and really getting some use out of it.

Right now they have extended their Labor Day promo until 9/15.  They have launch their new Fall Collection with the extra FREE extended strap for the Plus Size customer! They are also Giving away a GWP (Gift with Purchase) promo Get a new accessory charm free with a purchase of a handbag.

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